How to write lyrics for a rap song

1. Build your vocabulary. If you are going to rhyme words, it is very important that you have a lot to choose from. Read books and news articles written in impeccable, edited language. If you suddenly come across an unfamiliar word, look for it in the dictionary.

2. Increase your sense of rhythm. As you develop your vocabulary, try reading some passages out loud and see where you need to add accents, change the stress. In English, for example, there are many poems and lyrics that are written in iambic pentameter, in which the first syllable is unstressed, the second is stressed, the third is unstressed, and until there is a total of five stressed and five unstressed syllables. A developed sense of rhythm will ultimately help you compose the beats to the finished lyrics, or match the lyrics to your beat so that it sounds easy and natural.

It may sound silly, but reading Shakespeare aloud is a good use of iambic pentameter. (Look for his plays on the Internet.) You will immediately begin to notice the alternating stressed syllables and how naturally they are pronounced.

3. Download Audio Editing Software: If you are an aspiring rapper, we recommend using Audacity. It’s free, which is good, and it works quite well. To work with tracks, such software that allows you to convert youtube to mp3 online free is also very convenient. This is an indispensable thing when you are working with a large number of audio on YouTube.

If you have a Macbook, you can record songs using Garage Band, which is already integrated into the system. As you get more experienced, move on to other, more advanced applications such as Audio Audition. This program is paid, but provides a huge selection of useful functions, unlike the programs mentioned above.

4. Concentrate. The resulting texts should not only rhyme well, but also make sense. The rhyme is the glue for your words, but there must be content in the message as well. What do you want to say? When talking to other people, what topics do you really care about?

To be honest, whatever you choose, one thing is clear. A rap that talks about its own life lends the song some credibility.

4. Write it down. Great rapper lyrics can come to your mind anywhere: at home, at work, at school, and even in your sleep. Write down what comes to your mind, uncensored or edited. Later, when you’re writing new lyrics, refer to these ideas.

Eminem's write lyrics

5. Write a good chorus. The chorus (or as it is called, the “hook”) is that part of the song that gets stuck in the head and makes you listen over and over again. For most rap songs, this is the catchy chorus. Don’t make it long, the main thing is that it should have a catchy rhythm that you can hum along with fun.

For many writers, the hook is the most difficult part to write. Don’t feel discouraged if it takes you a long time. It’s better to come up with a great chorus than to rush to put together a bad song.

6. Memorize your lyrics. Once you’ve finalized your piece, learn every word of it. Because when you do your rap speech in the studio, you won’t be able to read from a piece of paper.

8. Review the bit. Select the beat you want to use when you rap. You can search for rap beats on Youtube or download “rap beats” from a distributor like Beat Brokerz. It is most effective to compose the main part of the text of the future work and just work on adapting it in accordance with the chosen bit. A common mistake is trying to come up with a bit of text. It is likely that in this case, the meaning of the composition will suffer, and you will not be able to fully manifest your creativity.

9. Record your rap. With the microphone and software discussed above, you can start recording. Load the downloaded beat into the program and record to it. Don’t forget to add emotion when performing, otherwise, figuratively speaking, you will sound like a robot!

10. Record your rap again. Although it takes a long time, there will be more options to choose from in this case. Record at least 1-3 times. This is because everything cannot be perfect the first time.

11. Pick the best track. Now that you’ve done a few takes, choose the track you think is best and delete the rest.